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VSAN 6.2: Reminder About Important Fix

VSAN 6.2: Reminder About Important Fix

VSAN 6.2: Reminder About Important Fix

Last week VMware released an important KB based around an issue with VSAN 6.2 where some VMs residing on existing Hybrid VSAN datastores may exhibit reduced disk IO performance after an upgrade. In a nutshell the issue is caused by a new operation that’s linked to the new deduplication and compression features in VSAN 6.2. The issue affects only VSAN 6.2 Hybrid deployments and is obviously not applicable to All Flash VSAN Clusters.

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Virtual SAN Take 20 Availability Capabilities…

Virtual SAN Take 20 Availability Capabilities and Features

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My first time – German VMUG UserCON 2016 Review

The German VMUG UserCON 2016 is over. My first time ever attending a VMUG User Conference. One day full of information, updates and networking. VMware invited the vExperts to fill the “vExpert Corner” with life and give UserCON attendees the chance to ask questions to solutions they want to implement and with this combined pitfalls they don’t want to fall over it.
So, I followed the invitation and was at the vExpert Corner, but also visit some sessions…

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Size doesn’t matter – German VMUG UserCON 2016 Review

Size doesn’t matter is Benjamin Ulsamers slogan for his “smallest hyperconverged datacenter”.

He shows it on the German VMUG UserCON 2016 in Frankfurt (Main).


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Goodbye SAN Huggers – German VMUG UserCON 2016 Review

“Goodbye SAN Huggers!” was the title of the opening session from Duncan Epping. A little bit provocative, he knows that. But he want to show with this title that, like it was years before with the server huggers and the virtualization, the time where big storage installations with their fibre channel, san switches, storage arrays are the only way to get fast storage response to the vm is over. 

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