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Automate Let’s Encrypt Certificate renew and deployment to KEMP LoadBalancer

Since December 3rd Let’s Encrypt is in Public Beta. I’m testing and using Let’s Encrypt for my virtual services in my homelab. Let’s Encrypt creates certificates with a lifetime of 90 days. Some of you will say: UH! that’s not pretty long.

I will show you my way to automate the process by the example of my KEMP Loadbalancer.

The check and renew process could be used for many solutions, not only to deploy to KEMP VLM.

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Install KEMP Virtual Load Balancer

Since 2013 I am using Citrix Netscaler both at work and for my homelab. At work we have Netscaler SDX which have much power and throughput. For my homelab I am using the free Netscaler VPX with a maximum throughput of 5Mbps. @MarcHuppert gave me a hint to checkout the LoadBalancer from KEMP technologies. In the free community version of VLM you get 20Mbps throughput which would be enough for homelabs and testing in production.

It was easy to install the appliance and the initial configuration was done in minutes. In the next days I will post how to add virtual services and content switching.

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