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Pure1 – activate/install VM Topology

Pure Storage provides the ability to visualize the IO from the array all the way up to the VM. There are metrics for Latency, Bandwith, IOPs or System CPU and Memory.

All data is collected by the Array-Collector. There are two Array-Collectors available, the On-Array Collector and the Off-Array Collector.
The On-Array Collector is installed by Pure Storage Support directly on the Array.
The Off-Array Collector is a Docker-Container which must be installed on an Ubuntu VM.

In this blog post I want to show how to install the Off-Array Collector, but you will also find the requirements for both On- and Off-Array Collector.

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New Storage arrived

Yesterday a long awaited shippment arrived. The new storage for our vSphere environment is here :)

Our old SAN gets replaced by a FlashArray X from Pure Storage. Pure is a company with a new fresh support and sustainability approach. In the next days/weeks I will post more about the setup. Now I only can show the unboxing and hardware installation.

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