Yesterday a long awaited shippment arrived. The new storage for our vSphere environment is here :)

Our old SAN gets replaced by a FlashArray X from Pure Storage. Pure is a company with a new fresh support and sustainability approach. In the next days/weeks I will post more about the setup. Now I only can show the unboxing and hardware installation.

I thought we get a storage with a smaller size! :)
Inside of the big boxes were three smaller boxes. Thanks for the instructions on the boxes ;)
The “OPEN ME FIRST” Box contained the Quick Installation Guide an the needed screwdriver 
Find a 3 HE point for installation
5 Minutes later, the unit is mounted.
Now it is time for the “OPEN ME LAST” boxes :)
10x FlashModules
10x Spacers
FlashModules and Spacers installed
First time powered on.