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ESXi 6.0.0 Update 2 – HTML5 WebClient is here!

On March 15th VMware has released the Update 2 for vSphere 6.

The VMware Host Client is one cool new feature of the ESXi update. HTML5 based and used for configuring standalone ESXi Host. You can also configure vCenter controlled ESXi Host, but there are often better ways with the central vSphere Web Client.

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*FIXED* – ESXi 6.0 and 6.0 U1 – CBT Bug creates inconsistent incremental VM backups

VMware acknowledged a known issue (KB2136854) within ESXi 6.0 and 6.0 U1. CBT looses the information of I/Os during snapshot consolidation. The main backup isn’t affected but all data written during the consolidation task are missed.

ALL CBT incremental backups are potentially affected.

VMware currently has no resolution.

Update 25.11.2015:

VMware released a patch for the CBT bug.

VMware ESXi 6.0, Patch ESXi600-201511401-BG: Updates esx-base (2137546)

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Get firmware versions of installed hardware in ESXi

Before you upgrade your ESXi 5.5 Server to the new version of ESXi 6.0, you have to check the support status of your hardware and the requirements of firmware and driver versions.

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Upgrade standalone ESXi 5.5x to 6.0

To apply updates to a standalone host you have to do some steps with putty and the esx command line, because vCenter Server and Update Manger are missing in this case.

It is also possible to do a complete upgrade within putty and esx command line.

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ESXi host performance vs. power consumption

In my last training Fabian Lenz and I discuss pro and con of  power management in ESXi.

We thought DPM is mostly used in VDI-environments. In those environments the savings would be the best, because the virtual desktops didn’t work at night and many of the ESXi hosts could be powered off. But DPM ist not the only thing which affects the power consumption. ESXi could use ACPI C- and P-States from the CPU to control the power of the physical cores. Fabian experiements with a bigger VDI environment and gets interessting informations with activated DPM (watch his blog).

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