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Increase Disk Space on VCSA 6.7

Yesterday I saw the alert, that one disk on our VCSA is running out of space. This article describes how to increase the Disk Space on the VCSA.

First I saw the alert on the VAMI of our vCenter Server.

On the monitor tab you will find on which disk serves the mountpoint. Here it is disk13 for the /storage/archive mount point.

Now login to your vCenter via SSH and start the shell.
Execute the following command to list all partition.

df -h

Now change the Size of the Disk via vSphere Client.

Switch back to SSH session and execute the following command


After the script completes execute df -h again.

df -h

The VAMI need some time to get the information of the resized disk (about 5 minutes).

The Monitor tab also reports the correct values after some minutes


  1. Thanks so much for this. I was messing around with LVM, doing migrations of data to different disks, etc. So much easier this way :)

  2. worked like a charm for us today with a /storage/seat low disk space error. Thanks so much!

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