After installing Update 1 I’m getting the following error message when I log into the WebClient or click on the Customer Experience Improvement Program.
installvCSA60U1000006 installvCSA60U1000007

Migrations via WebClient also could not be startet because the wizards hangs at “choose network”


I’ve opened a call – stay tuned :)

Update 06.10.2015

I solved the problem by myself. I’ve backup the database, roles and permissions from the vCSA, installed a new one and restored the database, roles and permissions to it. Now everything is working and I am happy…

I’ve documented the whole procedure in this blog post (Backup vCSA and restore data on new vCSA)

My first install of vCSA runs in the same error and I got the same message “Error occured while…”. I could resolve this by deny the internetaccess for the vCSA. After that the installation ends with the functional vCenter Server Appliance :)

Yesterday (10 September 2015) VMware released  vCenter Server 6.0. U1
Two month after the release of vCenter Server 6.0.0b the Update1 resolves issues in security, storage Web-/vSphere Client, VM management and HA/FT.

The full list of fixes can be found in the Release Notes for vCenter 6.0 Update 1.

Here are the steps for the upgrade:

  • Download the ISO (VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance- of vCSA 6.0 Update 1 and save it to an datastore accesible from ESXi on which the vCSA runs.
  • Connect the ISO to vCSA virtual CD/DVD-Drive. At last upgrade from vCSA 6.0.0 to 6.0.0b the connect via WebClient was struggling, so I use vSphere Client to connect directly to the ESXi on which vCSA is running
  • Login to vCSA via SSH
  • Start the software package installationsoftware-packages install –iso –acceptEulas
  • After update finished reboot the Applianceshutdown reboot -r “Update to vCSA 6.0 Update 1”
  • The console shows vCSA


Releated Documents:

Release Notes for vCenter 6.0 Update 1

Upgrade vCenter Server Appliance 5.5 to 6.0