After testing a new installation of vCenter 6.0 in my nested environment at work I wanted to test the upgrade from 5.5 to 6.0.

I was thinking all settings for database roles, users and schema which were good enough for the installation of 5.5 would be okay for 6.0. But first the install guide says “no”. So I’ve checked all settings in my database and added missing ones. We use VC_Admin and VC_User roles instead of DBOwner because best practise of VMware recommend this as way #1

I wanted to set


Here I get the first failure. SP_LOCK is not a dbo-procedure but a sys-procedure. So you can set this permission only on master and not on msdb database. I’ve set this permission via GUI, but I think this will not fix my problem.

All packages,except vCenter Server, gets updated successfully. Nearly to the end of the vCenter Server Update I get an error while updating the database and the installation gets removed.

After the I’ve changed the DB Roles to DBOwner for vpxuser in msdb and vcdb.

With these settings I could update the vCenter Server.

Almost everythings worked as it should. The only problem was Backup Exec 2015. None of the “old” and functional backup jobs or newly created one time backups could create a snapshot over the vCenter Server. For this problem you find my blogpost here


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