Today VMware AirWatch announced a new cloud product – AirWatch Express.

I was invited to a NDA Session last week and could see what VMware AirWatch wants to address and put into the new product.

VMware AirWatch Express

AirWatch wants to provide an easy to use simple MDM. They listen to the customers feedback.

The most consolidated problems customers see within Mobile Device Management and how AirWatch want to address them.

Problems in the market

  • hard to setup2016_08_AirwatchExpress_000002
  • no resources to maintain
  • to expensive

How AirWatch want to address theses problems

  • Cloud based deployment2016_08_AirwatchExpress_000003
  • MDM on an easier level
  • affordable

Mobile Device Management made simple with AirWatch Express

  • Zero touch configuration2016_08_AirwatchExpress_000004
    • Asset Inventory
    • APP distribution
    • WiFi configuration
    • Email
  • Foolproof Security
    • Device encryption
    • Data loss protection
    • Remote Lock and Wipe
  • Easy to use Cloud
    • Easy setup
    • System integration
    • On-Demand Support

Get started – really quick

  • Installation is up and running in the cloud2016_08_AirwatchExpress_000005
  • Answer a few simple questions to get started
  • Easily create a blueprint for device configuration

With blueprint you can easily create different sets of device configurations for different user groups across your company. You can choose apps which should be installed on the devices, setup email or wifi configuration, choose policies (camera;passcode…) and add this blueprint to your users / groups.


  • 2016_08_AirwatchExpress_000006Direct integration of the App Stores from Apple, Google and Microsoft.
  • Define installable Software by selecting them from the desired App store
  • choose installation type of apps (automatic or on demand)

WiFi / Email

  • Auto join devices to corporate WiFi2016_08_AirwatchExpress_000007
    • WEP
    • WPA
    • WPA2
  • Integrate Emailsystems
  • Configure native email client

Data Protection

  • 2016_08_AirwatchExpress_000008Set passcode requirements (length; numeric/alphanumeric; max age etc.)
  • Enforce device encryption
  • Prevent screen capture and copy/paste
  • Locate, lock or wipe company data from a device if lost or stolen

Dashboard Management

  • 2016_08_AirwatchExpress_000009Realtime statistics
  • Security status with version information
  • Export report – inventory and compliance

Managed Devices

  • Apple iOS
  • Apple MacOS
  • Android
  • Windows (Mobile/PC)


  • 2016_08_AirwatchExpress_000010AirWatch Express is available only as cloud solution. On Premises is not provided.
  • AirWatch Express could also be licensed only per device.
  • 2,50$ per Device/Month
  • Connect from your Active Directory is possible via CloudConnector.
  • Configuration of any VPN on the device ist not included in AirWatch Express.
  • An upgrade to the higher Management Suites (Green, Orange, Blue and Yellow) is possible.2016_08_AirwatchExpress_000011