RT @minarik_cz: 🚀 Published the second article about Workspace ONE Access. This time a step-by-step guide on Active Directory integration. The series is finally getting a shape. 💪🏻#WorkspaceONE #ActiveDirectory

Workspace ONE Access – Directory Integration -…

I started this series about Workspace ONE Access almost a year ago. To be honest, there was not a lot of posts regarding this topic so far… And I finally had time to update the previous article about the Identity Manager Connector installation. With that said we can now move forward and leverage that connector for Active Directory integration. After that, we will be able to build on top of it and integrate with Horizon, use MFA (VMware Verify) or add 3rd party SaaS applications. Directory synchronization Workspace ONE Access needs to have your directory users synchronized into its own database in order to work. Please note that no passwords leave your premises and you are in charge of which attributes will be synced to Workspace ONE…Read More

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