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VMware NSX 6.4.1 – New Features

If you are a NSX customer one of the biggest show stopper for upgrading to vSphere 6.7 was that NSX 6.4.0 only was supported up to vSphere 6.5. Now with the availability of NSX 6.4.1 this is gone. But this is not the only good news. NSX 6.4.1 includes many new features.


Read more to find out whats new within HTML5 Client support, Identity Firewall and much more…

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Deploy NSX Controller VMs

The NSX Controllers are the central control point in your NSX environment. They build the control plane for all logical switches in the environment.

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Create NSX IP Pool

You can create IP Pools in NSX to use for example the NSX Controller VMs or to create a static pool for a VXLAN.

In this example I create an IP Pool to use for NSX Controller deployment.

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Deploy NSX Manager – 6.4.0

The NSX Manager is the central component of NSX. It is a single VM which is deployed as appliance. How to do the few steps to deploy the machine is explained here…

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