On April 18th VMware released VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere 6.4.5
The new version focuses on equal functionality in HTML5 and Flex Client, but also to fix some bugs and improve features.

New Features / Fixed Issues

NSX User Interface

Security Services

  • Context Aware Firewall – New Layer 7 AppIDs: adds support for WS-MAN.

Networking and Edge Services

  • Multi-cast: support for 2 ESG uplinks with multi-cast enabled.

Operations and Troubleshooting

  • Audit Logging: adds support for including “What” has changed, when audit logs are sent through syslog.
  • Role Based Access Control: introduces a role focused on user management and role assignment tasks(Security & Role Administrator).

System Requirements and Installation

For the complete list of NSX installation prerequisites, see the System Requirements for NSX section in the NSX Installation Guide.

For installation instructions, see the NSX Installation Guide or the NSX Cross-vCenter Installation Guide.


NSX 6.4.5 is compatible with vCenter Server e.g. ESXi from 6.0.0 U2 and newer.

Release Notes

Full release notes can be found here at vmware.com.