The years of using vRealize Log Insight with the “Free for 25 OSI license” are over. All new versions of vRealize Log Insight have to be licensed with purchased licenses. But with the release of vCenter Server 6.7 there is one thing more you have to look at.

In 2018 VMware changes the licensing for vRealize Log Insight. Version 4.6.x was the last release with the vRealize Log Insight for vCenter Server capability. All newer release won’t accept the vCenter Server license key.
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You now could say “Okay, so I will stay at this version as long as I can.”…
With vCenter Server 6.7 U2 this moment is now.

To use vRealize Log Insight with vCenter Server 6.7 U2 you have to upgrade it to version 4.8. Upgrading vCenter without upgrading vRealize Log Insight to 4.8 will kill your log management,

You will have two options.

  • Stay on 6.7 U1
  • Buy licenses for vRealize Log Insight

Go to and compare the option of the vRealize Log Insight models.