Two days ago on July 20th the VMware Fling team released a new version of vSphere WebClient

The changes and install instructions are listed here.

Some issues in the new version are already known and the team is working on it.

How to install?

Fresh installation/deployment
Install vSphere HTML5 Web Client (v1.9 and newer)
Update of an existing vSphere HTML5 Web Client appliance
Update vSphere HTML5 Web Client (v1.10 and newer)

New Features (v1.15)

  • Overview performance charts now have realtime option
  • Input IPv4 address when customizing guest OS while cloning a VM
  • Tags are displayed in the summary portlets of all the objects
  • ESXi hosts can be put into standby mode and powered back on.


  • HA datastores for heartbeat can be managed. Slight redesign in Edit HA dialog.
  • HA response for datastore under PDL can be changed.
  • Startup policy of ESXi services can be changed.

Known Issues

  • There are some bugs with editing a CD/DVD drive, mounting a datastore ISO, etc. We are working on this.
  • Visual glitches when creating a cluster, editing DRS/DPM threshold.

Release Notes

  • After your login you may see a Submit button appearing briefly at the top left of a white page. Please ignore it and wait for the Home page to come up.
  • For fresh deployments, the command has changed from:
        /etc/init.d/vsphere-client configure --start yes --user root --vc 
        /etc/init.d/configui configure --start yes --user root --vc 
      Please refer to the Instructions pdf for details.