The vSphere Web Client was updated on Jun 8th.

The changes and install instructions are listed here.

How to install?

Fresh installation/deployment Install vSphere HTML5 Web Client (v1.9 and newer)
Update of an existing vSphere HTML5 Web Client appliance Update vSphere HTML5 Web Client (v1.10 and newer)

New Features

  • DRS and DPM settings of a cluster can be viewed and edited
  • HA admission control and heartbeat datastores configuration can be viewed
  • Default VM compatibility can be viewed and edited on the cluster level
  • Add host wizard has selection of lockdown mode settings
  • Add host to a cluster now allows creation of a new resource pool for the host’s vms
  • Alarms moved to bottom panel, thus giving more real estate in the central pane.


  • Warning will appear if you are trying to customize a guest OS that can’t be customized when cloning a VM

Bug Fixes

  • Navigating to the HA view of a cluster no longer throws an exception
  • General fixes to the Datastore ISO filepicker

Known Issues

  • Alarms in the bottom Alarms tab are read only.
  • Administration section is work in progress.
  • Edit VM settings results in change of MAC address of that VM. While we are working on this fix, we wanted you to be aware of this bug before you edit the VM settings.


You can download the update from