After VMware said “The C# vSphere will be replaced by the Web Client” for years now, they will do it really now.

So many VMware Tech Updates from Marc Huppert (@MarcHuppert) where we were told that VMware would discontinue  the C# Client in the next release of vSphere. The first times some listeners were a little bit shocked, but after VMware didn’t kill the C# Client for so many times, only a little smile or ‘we will see’ was the reaction from Marc and the attendees on all later Tech Updates.

VMware now has officially announced: “As of the next major vSphere release, the C# vSphere client will no longer be available

The Web Client was creeping for so many years, sporadic watched and used by vSphere administrators. In the past year the Web Client was reengineered to get more speed, quality and usability like everyone knows from the C# Client.

Now there appeared a new Fling. The HTML 5 Web Client. This new and really nice Client will be the successor of the C# Client. The “new” Web Client would get the FULL functionality.

At the moment there is no release date available.

For all who want to test the HTML 5 Web Client Fling I’ve written severall articles.

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