Some days ago the update of the HTML5 Web Client was released.


Severall new features and Improvements are waiting for you to test.

Two ways to install are possible (fresh install/update)

New Features

  • Add a new CD/DVD drive to a new or existing VM
  • Add a new network adapter to a new or existing VM
  • Add a new hard disk to a new or existing VM
  • Create a VM from a cluster
  • Migrate compute resource of a VM to a cluster and set vMotion priority
  • Change Agent VM settings for a Host
  • View Lockdown Mode in Security Profile settings of a host
  • View Certificate information for a host
  • Add a new cluster workflow (basic)
  • Remove a cluster


  • Connect/disconnect a network adapter
  • Configure a network adapter when creating a new VM

Bug Fixes

  • Create a VM on a vApp or Ressource Pool



Two ways to install are possible (fresh install/update)


Fresh Install

To install it download the ova file of the Fling an install it – like my post New Fling – vSphere HTML5 Web Client describes.



  • For an update download the rpm file and upload it to the appliance (e.g. /tmp) or if your appliance has internet access use
  • Stop the vSphere Web Client
    /etc/init.d/vsphere-client stop
  • Start the Update
    rpm -Uvh ./vsphere-h5-client-


  • After successfull install cleanup your appliance
    rm -rf /usr/lib/vmware-vsphere-client/server/work
  • Start the vSphere Web Client
    /etc/init.d/vsphere-client start


Now test the new version an send feedback with the smiley button at the upper right corner!