For all of you, who wants to take an exam for VCP, VCAP or VCDX:

Only 7 Days left to get the old price!

VMware will adjust the prices for all exams by around 12% except the Expert level which gets a big mark up by over 300%.

Here are the old and new prices:

VCP: $225 > $250
VCAP: $400 > $450

VCDX: $300 > $995 for application and $900 > $3000

If you want to get the old price, but take the exam later, you have to directly register to an exam a schedule it or buy an exam voucher (only VCA, VCP and VCAP exams) before March 31, 2017.
I have renewed my VCP certification yesterday.

The price increase below the Expert level is moderate and after three years comprehensible.

For me, VMware wants to reduce the number of people who wants to get VCDX. With the new price you need definitively a sponsor.

If you want to read the fill announcement go to the VMware Blogs Site.