With the latest update to vCSA 6.0 Update 1 I’ve got an undefined error when I use the WebClient (Update vCSA 6.0 to vCSA 6.0 Update 1). The VMware Support said that a certificate mismatch in “User Experience Program” caused that error, but could not solve it.

My first thought was, ok, then I install a new vCSA. But every one of you know that there are many things to consider and a lot of work to transfer all data, permissions, roles, rules etc… *not funny*

So I found an option to backup and restore the vPostgres database, also to a new vCSA. But the vPostgres database don’t stores the information of the roles and permissions, the licenses etc.

Licenses could be installed easily and I don’t need to backup and restore them. But the whole structure of roles and permissions would be nice to backup and restore. For this you must use a Powershell script.

So here are the steps for backup, install the new vCSA and after that restore the old data. I’ve put them in several post to keep it overseeable.


Backup Steps: (Backup vCSA vPostgres database, roles and permissions)

  • Disable HA
  • Backup integrated vPostgres database
  • Export roles and permissions
  • Shutdown the old vCSA

Deploy new vCSA:

  • Install a new vCSA with the same name and IP
  • Add it to Active Directory and set the Identity Source to it

Restore Steps: (Restore vCSA vPostgres database, roles and permissions)

  • Stop services
  • restore integrated vPostgres database
  • Import roles and permissions
  • Add missing licenses
  • Reconnect ESXi hosts
  • Activate HA