The VMware KB article (KB2091961) describes the Backup and Restore of the vPostgres Database for Windows and vCSA.

Here are the steps to backup a vPostgres database and export the roles and permissions from a vCSA.


Backup vPostgres Database:

  • Transfer the file to /tmp on the vCSA via WinSCP or e.g. (How to enable/disable BASH on vCSA to transfer files via SCP or e.g.)
  • Login to vCSA as root
  • Make the py script executable chmod 700 /tmp/
  • Execute the script python /tmp/ -f /tmp/VCDB.bak
  • Transfer the VCDB.bak via WinSCP or e.g. to your workstation.

Export roles and permissions:

  • Execute the vsphere_RightsRoles_Export.ps1 script with PowerGUI or e.g. and fill in your data
  • The script puts a vcenter-permissions.xml file to c:\

If you want to restore the database and import these roles and permissions to a new vCSA, I would suggest to “cleanup” the vcenter-permissions.xml file.
I dropped all sections with “standard VMware Roles”
and all <Permission Entity=…/> rows from the VSPHERE.LOCAL domain.

These entries are already there in a new installation. I just want to add my AD users and groups.


Next possible steps are:

Install a new vCSA (with the same name and IP)

Restore and Import vPostgres database, roles and permissions