You can create IP Pools in NSX to use for example the NSX Controller VMs or to create a static pool for a VXLAN.

In this example I create an IP Pool to use for NSX Controller deployment.


You will need the following information to create the new IP Pool

  • IP Range which should be used by the POOL
  • Gateway address and prefix length of the used network
  • DNS Server addresses
  • DNS search domains

Create IP Pool

  • Log in to the vSphere WebClient with your administrator account. An go to Networking & Security.
  • Select Groups and Tags > IP Pools and click on PLUS Add New IP Pool.
  • Enter the following values
    • Name for the new Pool
    • Gateway address of the used network
    • Prefix Length
    • Primary and Secondary DNS
    • One or more IP Ranges for this pool

  • The new pool is now available to use for example the NSX Controllers