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Deploy NSX Controller VMs

The NSX Controllers are the central control point in your NSX environment. They build the control plane for all logical switches in the environment.

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Deploy NSX Manager – 6.4.0

The NSX Manager is the central component of NSX. It is a single VM which is deployed as appliance. How to do the few steps to deploy the machine is explained here…

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Upgrade the vSAN Witness Appliance

I’m using vSAN within my Homelab. In this post I explain the update (replacement) of the vSAN Witness Appliance. An update is a replacement in fact. You power up a new Witness Appliance, configures it, disable the Stretched Cluster and reconfigure this one with the new Witness.

Sounds to easy? But it is…

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Deploy vSAN Witness Appliance

This little post describes the deployment of the vSAN Witness Appliance.

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